Research and development

Development that respects the environment. GeoBiTec research is directed at the continuous refinement of our products and at quality consistency. We pay special attention to delivering a product that is increasingly friendly towards the environment and that does not contain substances that are harmful to health. The GeoBiTec Research and Development laboratory carries out continuous product monitoring and improvement. Our lab develops innovative products and inspects and tests raw materials and finished products against international standards.


1 - Our production process uses exclusive technology. GeoBiTec's crushing and ceramicization equipment is completely automated to guarantee consistent size and colour. We process more than 600 tonnes of basalt per day for 400 tonnes of finished product. GeoBiTec has a stock department with 11 storage silos holding more than 1000 tonnes of finished product ready to ship.

2 - Technological innovation for quality. GeoBiTec uses new continuous colouring technology. This ensures consistent tones even with difficult colours. During production the granulometric curve is continuously monitored by electronically weighing the various fragments, which are also checked for water repellent characteristics and colour fastness.

3 - Resistance to atmospheric agents. The hardness of the basalt and the high temperature ceramicization process which vitrifies the surface of the granules guarantee total resistance of the colour to light, the weather and atmospheric agents and ensure GeoColor's durability even in high pollution situations.

Production process

The basalt is crushed into prismatic granules which are then graded, dried and dusted prior to ceramicization. The granules are divided into the required sizes and continuously blended with inorganic pigments and sodium silicate to guarantee colour evenness. The product is ceramicized in a rotating kiln at guaranteed very high temperatures (650C). At the end of the ceramicization process GeoColor granules undergo various chemical processes. Granules are treated with silicon oils at controlled temperatures to increase their water repellent characteristics and enhance adhesiveness with bitumen and resins. Dust repellent and surface Ph reduction treatments complete the process

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